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...Wooden pallets are reusable and are repaired very easily
Standards - CEN
CEN standards relevant to the timber packaging industry.

CEN Standards: Published
EN 12246 Quality classification of timber used in pallets and packaging
EN 13183-2 Round and sawn timber - Method of measurement of moisture content. Electrical resistance method
EN 13193 Packaging - Packaging and the environment - Terminology
EN 13382 Flat pallets for material handling - Principal dimensions
EN 13545 Pallets superstructures - Pallet collars - Test methods and performance requirements
EN 884 Round and sawn timber - Terminology
CEN Standards: Work in Progress
EN 13427 Packaging - Requirements for the use of European standards in the field of packaging and packaging waste
EN 13429 Packaging - Reuse
Sent for fast track vote and after amendment. A new work item TR14520 concerning trip calculations has been started in connection with the Reuse Standard amendment, and is in voting process
EN 13626 Pallet superstructures - Box pallets - General requirements and test methods
EN 13689-1 Pallets product specification - Part 1: Construction specification for 800 mm x 1200 mm wooden pallet
EN 13689-2 Pallets product specification - Part 2: Construction specification for 1000 mm x 1200 mm wooden pallet
EN 14182 Packaging - Terminology - Basic terms and definitions


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